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What is RECH?

Real Estate CityHouse Project (RECH) will provide monthly cryptocurrency distributions based on TurtleNetwork. The minimum expected ROI (annualy) will be around 30% from the 12 services we are going to provide.
Investors will have private access to RECH’s unique Dashboard. The services that will make it possible to provide monthly distributions are:
  • Real Estate
  • Travel Guide
  • Website for booking vacations with crypto intergration
  • Real Estate Application
  • AirBNB
  • Icamp – Bushouses – Tree Houses

RECH holders benefits

Finally, it is noteworthy that the fund is requested for the development and growth of the company, after having successfully tried this model on a smaller scale and established its unparalleled performance. In a nutshell, we mention that the Real Estate Office, Airbnb management and the scrolling lightbox are already in operation, and the dashboard has already been constructed.
All investors on RECH must have a deep understanding of the fact that they will have shares in a company which is active in the field of real estate in Greece, but most importantly, in all the varied services provided by the company that touch on diverse fields of activity. The apportionment of revenues will be effected on a monthly basis.
Its main goal is to create an all-promising and well-managed platform of investors who are provisioned to receive shares throughout the whole operation of the company.

Real Estate Revenue

Here we will present a quick EXAMPLE of how RECH holders will benefit from a house sold.
Lets assume that a house is listed on the market at €400,000.
Once the house is sold, RECH’s Team is entitled to 4% commision or €16,000 in this case.
From this amount; 50%, or €8,000, corresponds to the real estate agent; 30%, or €4,800, is proportionally distributed to RECH’s Holders at the end of the month while the remaining 20%, or €3,200, belongs to RECH’s Team.

Travel Guide Revenue

RECH Project’s ultimate tool is our travel guide which will be established throughout Greece.
Our travel guide will be exclusively connected with our Real Estate and AirBnB services because it’s the fastest and easiest way to find a property that suits everyone’s needs and market them at a lower cost.
Businesses will pay an annual subscription to be featured on our travel guide. We will also offer a Premium subscription which will provide more visibility for our valued customers.
The revenue from this service will be split as follows: 50% RECH’s Team | 40% RECH Holders | 10% Sales Agent.
Project Name: RE City House
Blockchain: TurtleNetwork
Asset ID: 2gnZKv6in2AKUWcwzJTvxMGxa2VxeDuCzgKJEAkpN5Km
Token Symbol: RECH
Issuer: 3Jrd32GsqZApEBv3jvEiXUWoMu63wHmMHyW
Reissuable: False
Decimals: 8
Total supply: 30,000,000
Max supply: 30,000,000

RECH services:

RECH Roadmap

July 2019
City House Real Estate Office is being established in Patra ,Greece under the umbrella of VALKOM and E-socials IT company.
Q4 2019
-Real Estate Dashboard Release
Real Estate Office Expansion (hire more Real Estate Agents)
Aggresive marketing & 1st Payout Distribution of RECH Project .
Q1 2020
Launch Travel Guide
Shopping section for travel guide & Blog creation for the Travel Guide
Airbnb (Take over real estate properties)
Q2 2020
Income from Airbnb – Real Estate rental -Travel Guide
Youtube channel creation – Video of Propertys with adsense intergration
Οnline providers of other realtors
Start Development of Booking Website and Booking APP
Q3 2020
Income from Airbnb – Real Estate rental -Travel Guide – Youtube Channel
A Greek travel guide with 10,000 Businesses/hotels/clubs/restaurants intergrated.
Establish Broken Insurance Office & VR offices for Rent (PrimalBase type)
Scrolling Light Box expansion
Q4 2020
Income from Airbnb – Real Estate rental – VR offices – Scrolling Light Box – Youtube Chanel
Establish Call Center for whole Greece services
Website booking crypto intergration
Q1 2021
Income from Airbnb – Real Estate rental – VR offices – Scrolling Light Box – Youtube Chanel
Real Estate Application to intergrate all properties of Greece on one app
Release of Booking App and Website
Q2 2021
Income from Airbnb – Real Estate rental – VR offices – Scrolling Light Box – Youtube Chanel
Develop a hotel unit (tree houses, icamp, bus houses). ( This wont happen if we dont manage to hit Hardcap )

Our motivated team

Our Advisory Board

Distribution of Tokens

  • 62% ICO

    18,600,000 tokens

  • 30% Real Estate Project Team

  • 4.75% Growth Hacking

  • 2% Hellenic Node Aidrop

  • 1.25% TurtleNetwork Airdrop

Fund Allocation

  • 30% VR offices , Bus-Houses , Tree-Houses , Icamps , Scrolling Light Box

  • 20% Booking App Development

  • 15% Real Estate

  • 15% AirBNB Development

  • 10% Travel Guide

    10% Of the Funds will be used for the Travel Guide Development

  • 5% Youtube Channel

  • 5% Insurance Broker Office

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